How to use

【How To Use Washer-dryers】

① Put the laundry into machine and close door tightly.

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how to use2

Note 1: As soon as you insert required number of money, the machine will start operating.

Be sure to put the laundry in first to prevent starting without the laundry.

② Select the function.

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③ Finally, insert the displayed amount of money.

◆Note 1: Be sure to select first; then insert the money. If you insert the money first, it won’t be accepted and will come out.
◆Note 2: Only 500 yen coin and 100 yen coin are accepted.
◆Note 3: No change given.

※Insert coins one by one slowly.

※Use the in-store change machine to change your bill into coins.

※Remove your clothes after washing is over, or other customers might remove them and use the machine.

【How To Use Dryers】

This machine is only for drying. It does not wash, your clothes.

After you insert coins, it starts operating.

◆Note 1: Only 100 yen coin is accepted.

◆Note 2: Operating time will be added according to the number of coins you insert.